Weekend Wrap Up

Feb 19 2012 by

This weekend was filled with exploring, whale watching and some serious cleaning up!

Friday was such a beautiful day and the kids decided we should do some exploring outside!  One of the many benefits of homeschooling means we get to enjoy the outdoors as much as we want.  We got our magnifying glasses and decided to see what fun things we could find in the great outdoors.

We ended up walking about 4 miles and spent the entire morning and part of the afternoon outside.  It was awesome!  We spotted a beautiful iridescent hummingbird, lots of snails and a couple of ground squirrels.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect with clear blue skies and tons of flowers in bloom.

It’s whale watching season here in Southern California so on Saturday we decided to take our boat out and see what we could find.  We headed out of Oceanside Harbor and went north towards the super cute little town of San Clemente.

There were some pretty decent swells that we hit and of course Caleb, our natural born boater, loves riding the waves.  The bigger the better.  Keegan tends to get sea sick so she stayed home with Gram.

We didn’t actually end up seeing any whales but we did see a school of dolphins.  There were about 5 or 6 of them and they came up real close to our boat.  Caleb was super excited to see dolphins for the first time ever.

The rest of weekend I spent cleaning out my kitchen pantry.  It’s been on my to do list for weeks now and I finally got around to it this weekend.  I had bought a bunch of plastic containers and labels so that I could put all the different flours, rices, beans, pastas, etc. in their own separate contains to better organizer my pantry.  I think I’ve watched one too many Hoarders episodes cause I went on a major purge and got rid of a bunch of crap and didn’t stop at my panty.  I’m halfway through my entire kitchen and it’s feeling so good I might just call this an early spring cleaning.  I love getting organized!  Now it’s time for bed.  It’s been a fun filled yet exhausting weekend!  Night all!


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